Experiential drumming circles

i organise experiential drumming circles in which everyone has the opportunity to intensively try out the experiential method of playing, as used, for example, for 20 years in the group létající koberec  (the flying carpet ).

this is not a course about drumming techniques; it is intended for complete beginners as well as those with experience in drumming.

playing is intuitive and free-form, be that sitting, standing, lying or dancing...

bring your own drum , in case you dont have any,  please tell me know info@leciverytmy.cz I will arrange that. thanks.

foto: Roman Dvořák  www.romandvorak.com

the inspiration to organize circles of experiential drumming came to me during one experience of ecstatic joy while i was drumming at one ceremony with the traditional indian medicine ayahuasca:.....during one song, which was speeding up to enormous energetic circles, i was feeling an intense joy that cannot be described in words. i realized that this was a treasure i could not buy even with all the money in the world. i also realized that i was experiencing a strong healing pattern: it lies in the fact that joy is a matter of choice. in the same way as when we choose a radio station we want to listen to. not like in our everyday life when we usually use the pattern that there is some kind of a cause which makes us happy, and then we feel joy.

during the strongest moment i was feeling a deep inner contact with an old mexican shaman. with my inner sight i saw his old, dark, wrinkled face, and on his head he was wearing a hat with colorful indian ornaments. he laughed at me ecstatically and silently encouraged me to play the drum. his smile was absolutely insane but it was definitely curative madness. it was healing in the sense that it burnt all the clichés and stereotypes. in other words it was a totally creative state of mind, which this contact provided for my consciousness.

my intention and vision for the circles of experiential drumming is to open up to this healing pattern by playing together with others, in the way the mexican shaman showed me.

joy and creativity are in a close interconnection ...