Michal Haman

foto: Roman Dvořák  www.romandvorak.com

... journey of drums...

....i’m mainly interested in the experiential approach to playing.

my teachers on this journey are the experiences i’ve had over the years while drumming with the american indian medicine.... this in turn was inspiration for drumming without medicine. this too allows one to experience intense relaxation, an opening up to energy and healing patterns. essentially these are creative solutions at a personal level. people intuitively point out what needs to be changed so the energy flows properly and things are in harmony.

this picture is a vision, which came to me during drumming in deep trance,  when i had experience of total creative state of mind.
later on, when i drew this vision, i understood it's symbolism:  "stand up and be cure"…now and here, not  sometime in future.
it have not to be only about  a " curing", but  it is similarly about a realization of some intention, too:  how to make a basic step -  to realize intention now and here through heart, not  sometime in future.
experiential drumming is something like a catapult into the now. and at the same time every beat of drum it is a chance to call heart.. the vision of the project 'healing rhythms' is just about it...

i organise drumming circles where everyone can experience such an approach to playing.

my next project is ‘creative solutions’. the inspiration came to me whilst drumming during an ayahuasca ceremony. it concerns a way to enhance the inventive potential of a creative team of people using group drumming.


the methodology is based on twenty years of practice in the group létající koberec (the flying carpet . we set it up in 1994, along with healer and musician petr piňos and musician kamil holub.

  photo alžběta kopecká

our concerts tend to have the character of a dance party.

we are leading experiential workshops healing trance

together with my colleague petr piňos from music band létající koberec.

we are leading experiential workshops " dancing trans - fusion" together with asha ra - sheeba ,

foto: roman dvořák  www.romandvorak.com

and now we starting to perform with band curanderos musicos  /deep minimal/ together with patrik pelauch / synchronicity trumpet/.

!!! their concerts are interactive - if you like, you can not only dance, but you can borrow drums or shakers, too !!!

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photo: pavel l. kopecky www.plkopecky.com