the project ‘creative solutions’

the project ‘creative solutions’ concerns a way of using group drumming to tune the creative team into a creative mood, where ‘sparks fly’.

the inspiration for this project came to me during a ceremony with the traditional american indian medicine ayahuasca during which  I was able to play on the drum:

..... the greatest wealth that we have is the now. a creative solution is the child of the now. in essence drumming is something like a catapult into the now.

the actual creative solution is never merely a mechanical repetition of old patterns. It is a product of open intuition, which cannot be devised by the intellect alone.

there are many examples from the history of art and science where great ideas came about on their own, without effort (although they were often preceded by great effort) in a state of relaxation, half-awake or asleep...

the methodology draws on 20 years of experience with the group létající koberec (the flying carpet :).. for us the most important aspect is always genuinely joining together to release and open our energies.

in this state, people are linked to one another. playfully communicating amongst themselves through rhythms. unique rhythmic patterns are continuously formed in the here and now. the team tunes into a level of energy and experience, a common, excited creative mode, where ‘sparks fly’. it’s basically an analogy of ‘brain-storming’ at a rhythmical level of energy and experience.

repeated practice, where the collective learns to enter this creative, relaxed state naturally, increases the effect.